Dome light issue


New Member
Feb 24, 2021
I recently bought a 2004 gt. Went to change the bulbs for the dome light. The middle bulb. And realized there wasn't one so I put the bulb in. And Waalaa there's light. Issue is that it won't go off when I shut the door. I've already turned my lights the whole clock wise to make sure it wasn't on the interior light setting. I've sprayed wd40 on the latch and the hinges. My question is are the door switches located in the door by the latch or by the hinges. The bottom hinge has what looks like a black plastic/rubber that the metal squeezes when door is being closed. What's that?
Thank you and hopefully someone can help. I just got the car and fixing all the little things in it so it's all new to me
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