Door Ajar Light Problem

Alright everyone I need some help. I have a 2010 Mustang V6 and the “door ajar” light will not go off, I know this is a common issue but I think mine is particularly weird.
•When running a system check it says that all doors are closed and the trunk is closed.
•When I shut either door the windows still tuck up in the seal
•When I lock the car I get 2 honks instead of 1
•When anything is open (doors/trunk) it tells me exactly what is open
All of this being correct except the 2 honks when locking and yet I’m still getting a door ajar light? What sensor is bad? Is it even a sensor? All your help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi guys, just wanted to update you. I got the OBDLink EX and scanned my car with FORScan (an amazing tool, much better than BlueDriver for Fords).

Actually, the issue was quite simple. There a 4 sensors that trigger the door ajar warning:
  1. The driver door ajar switch (which causes the panel to indicate "Driver Door Ajar" when open
  2. The passenger door ajar switch (which causes the panel to indicate "Passenger Door Ajar" when open
  3. The trunk door ajar switch (which causes the panel to indicate "Trunk Ajar" when open
  4. The HOOD ajar switch (which causes the panel to indicate... nothing when the hood is open, go figure)
Haha, I looked at the signal coming from that switch with FORScan as I opened and closed the hood, and... it was always ajar. Upon further inspection, I found that the hood switch electrical contacts were rusty, and one of them broke off (Montréal rusts anything). I got a replacement from Ford and fixed the issue right away.

Thanks for the help!!
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