dowshifting issue?


Jun 20, 2006
i have a 66 coupe, 289, with a 67 c4 (d-2-1) with a stage 1 shift kit

i notice that when i brake and slow down for a turn, or even when i brake to come to a complete stop, my transmission does not down shift until i'm almost completely stopped (less than 5mph).

it takes a lot more effort on my manual drum brake pedal to stop when my car stays in 3rd gear until i'm stopped. however, if i down shift manually, i attain the desired (and i believe correct) results.

cold this be the product of an improperly adjusted kickdown? or is the kickdown only for down shifting at WOT?

could this just be normal operation? this is the only mustang i've ever driven, so i'm not sure if that's how it's really supposed to run.
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I just had my C4 rebuilt on my 66 Coupe. Mine does not wait until I'm almost stopped to shift. I have read and this is what mine does, that the trans should shift into 1 gear at 10 MPH.

This should be an easy adjument that any trans shop can do.

Check it out.