WTB/Trade Drop in valve springs and retainers.

You still looking for a set? I know it's been a while.

I've got a set of Alex's .550" max output ii's. I think they are 130lbs seated, and 340lbs open. Max duration recommended is 250 degrees @.050", and 6000rpm.

1.488" diameter. No machining required. Just drop in and shim for height.

I actually have 4, maybe 5 sets of them. Because I used to buy them 10 at a time, when I was in the e7 and gt40 porting game. Back in the day, you really couldn't beat his stuff for the price and quality. I've probably installed over a 100 sets of his springs in the last 15 years, in everything from .600" solid rollers, to the set that I'm offering you.

They were $130 or $140 back when I bought them, not counting taxes and shipping.

They've been sitting unopened for over 5 years. I'd take $110 shipped for them. Or you can pick them up for $100 in east tenn. Heck, I'll even throw in a set of Viton Valve seals... I got maybe 300 of them, never taken out of the bags and boxes.

I'm just trying to empty *my* toy closet.. to make room for grandbabie's toy closet.

Honestly, I'd rather keep my toys.. and give away the kiddo.


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Aug 23, 2020
The above offer is VERY fair! I bought the following Alex Valve Springs, with Viton Seals, for my GT-40P heads about 6 months ago:
NEW* SB Ford, GT40P Drop In Beehive Valve Spring Kit, Max Output .525" Lift, VSK7Eb49-MC, Hyd Roller
(.393"/.393": No, ADD HARDENED SHIM PACK, .030" & .015": Yes, ADD VITON VALVE SEALS: Yes)
VSK7Eb49-MC1$203.97 USD
$203.97 USD