Dry Crack or Squeek? Front Suspension!


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Apr 17, 2004

I did a complete rebuild on my front suspension this past spring. I finally got to taker her on a test drive this past saturday and it drove beautiful, no probs to be found. On the drive to work yesterday, I noticed a real bad dry squeek or popping sound on the passenger side. When I got home, I central located it to the shock tower area. I unbolted the shock to make sure its not it, it sounds like a upper control arm, but they are new. So i tourqed the 2 bolts 100 ft lbs. They are ok. Someone told me that it is most likely my new 620 coil springs that I put in. Has anyone ever had this experience after installing new springs. The popping sound can be made while driving or turning, and while sitting and shaking the front of the car. It still feels like in the shock tower, but I guess it could be where the spring sits in the spring perch! The driver side doesnt do this. Its fine, I checked and double checked, pulled all cotter pins at all steering joints, ball joints and retourqed them to make sure, I couldnt find nothing out of place or loose. Help, anyone have any advice or experienced this simalar problem? :shrug: Thanks

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I'm assuming you greased the crap out of the upper control arm bushings and the ball joints and tie rod ends, right?

If everything is greased, then something is moving. If everything is tight it is more than likely the spring. Are the saddles on the spring correctly?
Another one for the sway bar. I was convinced my squeak was the upper control arm, which is old and probably gonna need to be replaced soon. When I finally did a good search, I found my sway bar was rubbing. How to fix it I don't know... maybe notching a piece of the frame where it's hitting :shrug:
I just put all new suspension in my '70 vert, and a similar thing happened. I greased everything, took it to the alignment shop, and then went driving.

No noise for a while, then suddenly I had a clicking/creaking noise from one side. I don't know what component. I called the shop and was going to bring it in. In the meantime I drove the car another few hours.

The noise completely went away, and hasn't come back. Everything is working perfectly now.

I think the grease just didn't make it everywhere when I first greased the front end. Then after driving it for a while, the grease finally made it everywhere and the noise went away.

That's what I think happened anyway. I'm not going to tell you to ignore it, but maybe drive a bit more and see if it just goes away, assuming you already greased everything. You may also want to take everyone else's advice and check a few things first.

Good luck, let us know what happens!
I found the problem!

Just a little update guys!

Last nite I jacked the car up, took the tire off, and You absolutely wont believe what the hell Happened! I got to lookin at the upper control area and the outer bushing that holds the shaft in place(that bolts to the shock tower), the one on the right(facing the front of the car.) was backing itself off. I bought these from a place called American Pony Parts in Washington, I thought these things looked a little cheap made, but they came in the suspension kit that I purchased. When I went to use them, i had to make adjustments on the shaft cause they werent centered in control arm, so I backed off the bushings to make adjustments and when I did, the external threads on the bushings stripped off. Now I was pissed! BUt I got to thinking that since my old ones were tack welded sometime thru the years that it would be ok to do this to the new ones and they wont back off. Well it appeared to be ok and strong! Problem solved, well later on when it come time to install the springs, the spring compressor slipped alittle while installing, and kicked out, when it did this, it hit the upper control arm with some force, It looked like nothing was wrong. Now I have been driving it for a week before I noticed the problem, then it got worse and worse. The driver side appears to be ok! So Far! I have checked them and the welds are holding. I think before I go thru the trouble of buying a new control arm, I will weld a solid bead of weld half the way around them(bushing and contol arm) and see if that keeps them in place before I go thru the trouble of needing to replace the hole thing and taking everything back apart! Does anyone think this is Lajit! Have any Ideas?

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I found the problem!!

Hello Folks,

Thanks for all the responses that I recieved. I had a long 4th of July weekend, and I spent some time on it monday! I replaced the upper control arm with another new one, and it cured the problem. Hey, just for kicks, I found a shortcut for pulling the springs and reinstalling them! I may be slow, but I thought of this while I was working on yesterday. With the car up on jack stands, take another jack(with tires off!!!) and put it under the lower control arm and jack it up till the springs are compressed enough, then install your spring compressor and release the jack. It worked great, if only I could have thought of it a long time ago. You might think that it seems unsafe, but actually its not that bad. Since my last experience, I had one spring compressor slip while installing it! Anyway the upper control arm they sent me was cheap, and I mean cheap, they were making dry popping sounds, the new , new ones are better but not great. At least they dont make any noise. While Im thinking of it, any of you shadetree mechanics out there who have done this, about how many shims do you start off with , with the new one in place to start off with! Or do you put any shims to start with after the installation?

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