dual cold air intake...anybody try this before??

ok...i already have a cai but my buddy gave me his engine mounted cai...i was thinking if connecting a Y shaped pvc pipe from homedepot after the maf and conncting both cai's...what do you think?? will it work??? i mean, i have a spare cai, might as well experiment right?? :D
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i don't think the air would be forced past the TB any faster with two CAIs. It seems like the air would move just as quickly if not slower because of the mixing streams

Why not just use a 6" pvc instead?... who knows maybe it would work. There's always the issue of space too. Where you gonna stick a second CAI?

Go ahead, experiment, tell us what happens
As far as performance goes, your TB and intake are only gonna be able to use only so much air. Or everyone would be running MAF's connected to TB's for the unlimited HP. Adding an additional CAI kit may look kinda cool, but wont help ya out as far as adding any HP. Keep in mind that unless you put the Y-pipe BEFORE the MAF, you are gonna KILL performance because your engine will not be compensating for the air that's not supposed to be there. Then, if you add an additonal MAF on the second CAI, you will be messing with the already small voltage and splitting it (assuming you would tap off the original MAF). Then you'd have to figure out a way to boost the MAF voltage to compensate for the additional MAF - and God help you if your MAF's are not 100% syncronized.

I guess the only way to do it and make it look cool is the make the Y-pipe immediately before the MAF. It'd look cool if you could somehow run it directly behind the radiator shroud, but i think you'd be sucking some hot air by the time it got to the engine. Try it, and let us know. Post some pics too!!
well, i have the time and the two pieces. all i would need is a couple of abs pipes and were in business...if you have read my other thread, i have a bad maf so it is a perfect excuse to to upgrade to a bigger one... im planning to dyno the car soon so i wouldnt mind having before and after numbers...the most i would spend extra is like 15 bucks( abs pipes) so im willing to try something new......i think for it to actually have a chance to work, both air entrances( air filters) would have to be relatively close to the maf. i dont think it will work if the air has to travel a long way....if it did, i would plant one filter in the fenderwell and the other behind my saleen front bumper in the middle wedge, i would just try to avoid a far travel for the air...what do you guys think? suggestions welcome......ps. i dont expect this to work...i have the spare time, i have all the parts, and im willing to try something new, and if it actually works, well, i bet some of you guys will start doing it