dyno runs


New Member
Oct 24, 2006
hey ppl

i was just gona ask i havent took my stang to a dyno yet but some one was telling me that they cant dyno are auto cars because of the kick down so how do you guy with the auto's have them dyno do you cancel the kick down or somthing

2005 mustang GT auto
Stoptech gt stage 2 braking system
Kenny brown strut tower brace
Bmr rear swaybar
Bbk airfilter kit
Bbk ceramic short headers
Magnaflow x pipe with racing cats
Magnaflow Cat-Back Exhaust System
Bbk 62mm twin throttle body
Moto blue pulley kit
brentspeed Sct tuner
Ford racing 4.10 gears
Comp cam racing cams stage1
comp cam valve steel retainers
comp cam valve springs
Ford racing cmcv delete kit
tci torque converter 3000stall
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