dynomax "super turbo" mufflers


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May 26, 2003
Southern California
hey guys my uncle had given me some old old dynomax mufflers the box said something like "california boss" they're 2.5" inlet/outlet and i was wondering if they're worth putting on? right now i have the stock 4 cat h pipe with stock mufflers, a friend knows of a place that'll get me a catless x pipe for 100 so i was wondering if it'd be worth putting on? thanks :flag:
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I don't like them, they sound to much like a glasspack..... Personally they sound more like something that belong's on a farm truck. The only Dynomax muffler's to get are ultra flow's or bullet's. Otherwise if you want that true 5.0 deep, throaty sound go with brand's like Flowmaster, Spintechs, Borla etc. etc. etc. Not super turbo's...there are better muffler's out there. Don't bother with them, you will regret it in the long run.
You must have had a bad set because mine sound awesome,

I get compliments all the time on my exhaust and I love the sound,

It IS deep, But not drone like awful flowmasters that hurt your ears,
Its a nice cabin volume and sound amazing outside the car
my friend has them on his 3.4L firebird, and it sounds like a damn civic up in the revs..and yeah, I know engine sounds different, especially when they have a different number of cylinders, but geez..he thinks it sounds great. no cats either, so it sounds especially raspy.
I had them on my pace car, with a 4 cat stock h pipe and with an off road h pipe, they do have a nice deep mellow tone. I wanted more performance and a meaner much louder sound so I got some magnaflows to replace them.