Eibach Pro System Kit?

Does anyone have an eibach pro-system kit and have any problems with it?

This kit has the Pro-Kit Springs and Pro-Dampers shocks and struts which are supposedly valved specifically for the springs. I've never really heard of eibach shocks- not sure who actually makes them and I didn't know if anyone has opinions on them?

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New Member
Sep 30, 2004
Roseville, MI
ZF Sachs makes the dampers in Mexico.

I posted a shock dyno curve of one of the ones we tested a while back. The dampers are junk.

Go with Tokico or Bilstein, especially Bilstein monotubes and you'll be better off.


New Member
May 20, 2005
romulus mi
what kinda problems? i put the pro kit on the rear of my car after i put my new uppers and lowers in, and i thought they rode like crap, and i had a weird wheel hopping issue. i put the stock rears back in and it went away. and those shocks suck. not that mine are much better, i got the kyb agx's. they're adjustable, but i cant tell the difference between 1 and 8 on mine.