Eibach springs are driving me nuts

The title says it all. I installed a set of Pro Kit springs back in 2020 and have regretted doing so ever since. Yes, the car sits lower and handles noticeably better, looks better too but the ride quality is just awful. The roads in my neck of the woods are simply horrible and the Eibachs let you know that with every crack, bump and pothole and trust me, there are a lot of them.
I need to do something about this but Im not sure what.
I wish I kept the OEM springs because I would have put them back on long ago. So I ask, what are my options? I can always try to source a set of OEM springs or maybe even aftermarket equivalents, but is there a better performing option that is more forgiving than what I currently have?
Any and all suggestions most welcome.
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I have the Eibach Pro's, but I didn't notice a change like you describe, I also changed the shocks and struts at the same time to the Koni str.t and added Maximum Motorsports camber plates. Do you still have the factory shocks and struts ?
I too put Koni STR.T front and back along with the Eibachs at the time. I have since reverted back to the stock springs and all is good now.
Considering the state of the roads and my driving style, a lowered vehicles cons far outweighed the pros.
I just installed the Eibach Pro's, also, with Koni str.t stuts and shocks, and MM caster camber plates, had to wait a week to get it aligned last Friday, been driving it this week the 80mile round trip to work... deffently feels the road more, but seems to handle great..

also, few week before I install Steeda adjustable front sway bar, and Steeda panhead bar and there brace, and the steaa lower rear lower control arms.