Electrical issues


May 20, 2011
Just picked up a 88 T tops 5.0. Got the car cheap and obviously knee it needed work since it's been sitting. First issue I'm having is it won't crank with the key. I bought a new ignition switch, bypassed the clutch safety switch, and installed a new starter solenoid and starter. Car only cranks when I tap a screwdriver to the trigger post to the hot side of the solenoid. Got nothing out of the trigger wire. Lost since I think I hit everything as I worked my way back. Help is much appreciated
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Here’s the wiring diagram.


wire 33 out of the ignition switch (white/pink stripe) should have power when you turn key to start. From there it goes under the car to the nuetral start switch. Now you didn't say if this car as an AOD or 5-spd.

If AOD, there is a nuetral safty in the trans. If a manual, there's a Red/blue stripe jumper in the reverse light harness.

From there, it becomes wire 32 and it runs to the clutch pedal on the wire with the red/blue stripe. You can pull the jumper here and probe for power during crank.

After that it goes out to the wire that sits on the top post of the starter solenoid. This should have 12V on it when you turn the key to start and closes the relay and triggers the starter. You'll have to test along this circuit of wire 33 and 32 to find where you lose the connection.
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So I used a power probe and I have power out of the pink wire when I turn the key and if I give power to the clutch pedal harness the car cranks. So Im guessing a wire going from the column to the pedal switch is bad?
Yup, you’ll have to trace back from clutch to ignition to find it?

check the harness under the car first. The trans harness plugs in at the drivers footwell if you want to intercept the wiring there and test
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