engine code P1744


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Mar 20, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
I have a 95 mustang v6 3.8 engine, automatic and the check engine light is sending a code p1744. does that mean that the Torque Converter Clutch System Stuck in Off Position or something else? And if so, how do i fix that? Is there a switch i can push to turn it back on or what? I dont even know where the torque converter is at.

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I am surprised no one has commented on this yet. Maybe you should read up on what a torque converter is first so you can understand what it does. To quickly answer your question, the TC is located between the engine and the transmission. I guess a good way to think of it is like a clutch in a standard transmission. It serves the same purpose in a completely different way. First off, how is your car running? You didn't mention that. Your trouble code could could indicate a bad TC Solenoid or a bad TC (bushing maybe). If you have never worked on a transmission, I suggest finding a friend who has done this. Regardless, I would replace the solenoid first. To do this, you need to pull the pan from the tranny. Since you are going to drain all the fluid from the tranny, I suggest you get a new filter set and trans fluid. After you pull the pan, pull the filter. You should see the solenoid wires running towards the front of the car. Follow them to the solenoid. Unbolt and replace it. Change your filter and gasket. Close it up and replace the fluid. But, like I said, if you haven't done this, I would suggest finding a friend to do this for you. There are no switches in a car to fix things, only good repairs. :)
the car is running great! the check enigne light comes on and off but its probably cuz of the torque converter. its not having any problems driving or anything so its running great. and i dont know anything about tranny work
Is there any jumping when shifting? Is your car shifting roughly? Do you know someone with a code reader? If you do, have them reset the error code. If not and you have a few bucks to spend, buy a code reader that will reset your codes. Drive around a bit and see if the code comes back up.
Just thinking about it, have you ever done a minor service on your tranny? (Flush, fluid filter). Might work wonders. How many miles does the car have? Do you know if the tranny has ever had a minor service?
the car has 154000 and the last owners said they put a new tranny in it and no i havent changed the fluid. and it only jumpes with i first start it and i dont wait for a bit to shift into drive. and it shifts just fine when i am driving it. if i wait after i start it, it doesnt jump.

and i have a friend with a code reader so i am gonna ask him to rest the codes. i did notice that the tranny is missing the dust cover gasket and it leaks when its hot but then stops after it cools down. and i have a lot of fluid in it.
Well, it depends on if the tranny was new or rebuilt. If it was rebuilt, the master kit more than likely does not include the TCC solenoid which means the old one would have been used. Do you know the mileage it was replaced at? I would venture to say that this is probably a solenoid issue. Your leak could be the rear main, are you sure it is tranny fluid? Anyway, reset your code and see if it comes back. Check the fluid to make sure it is tranny fluid and not oil. Are you having to refill the trans fluid all the time? I will check back here periodically to see what your progress is.
i dont know the milage of the replacement. Yea im sure the tranny is filled with fluid, i check all of the fluid every weekened, and they are always fill. I dont have to refill the tranny fluid at all, i havent done that. My friend is gonna rest the code tomorrow for me and thank you