Engine Cooling Fan


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Nov 7, 2002
New Jersey
Does anyone know of any aftermarket electric fans for the v6 stang?
Is there any difference between our fan and the GT fan? It says 3.8L on my fan shroud so I thought maybe there is a difference. I want to upgrade so that my car keeps running cool, because its been running between 208F and 218F in traffic which is a little high I think.
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May 4, 2002
Austin Texas!
Change your thermostat to a 180, that should make your car run cooler

Yes, major difference between the GT and the V6 and the Cobra and the 5.0's, there are a few company’s that make aftermarket cooling stuff for our V6's and next year ill probably upgrade mine so it wont run so hot at the track. You might want to see if Steeda or Roush would have anything because both company’s offer a V6 base car. But I think you should spend the $15 or whatever it is and get the 180 thermostat