engine problems need help!!!!

i went to the beach yesterday and she was running a little hot but i got to the condo and shut it off. the next day it was sputtering and white smoke would come out the tail pipe everytime i started it, which was alot cause i could hardly keep it running. it was sucking down gas like a bitch, got half way home and it ran out of gas it burned up over a quarter of a tank within 20 miles. i got it home on a trailer. started it this morning and it still ran like **** shut if off and tryed to start it again and it wont turn over and there is was no coolant in the lines, there was coolant in it before i left the beach and there was oil in it to.
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Aug 12, 2005
Clovis, CA
You shouldn't jump to conclusions. White smoke is just one sign of a blown head gasket. This is not very common in the modular engine. You need to do a compression check. If one side of the block has low compression while the other is fine, the side with low compression is where the head gasket is cracked. You should also drain your oil. If it looks like a milkshake you are screwed. Was there tons of white smoke or just a little bit? Could have been from cold weather. Definitely do a compression check though.
ok will do it only smoked right after i started it and it wasnt a whole bunch but def. a noticable amount. i was thinking about either a 351, 5.4 and my buddie has a 383 stroker motor. then i can put a decal on the back built ford tuff with chevy stuff haha


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Mar 29, 2008
It really sounds like a blown head gasket problem and then running it without coolant has most likely seized the motor because it heated up way to much. Sounds like a great excuse for a stroker motor


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Dec 6, 2004
2v 5.4 swap.

Very little involvment, great tourqe. Much easier than swapping in a 383 (for damn sure), or even a 351.

Not huge HP numbers but that can be fixed.

Just my $.02.
when i blew a head gasket, i had billowing clouds of white smoke coming out, and yes, i did drive it for a while like that trying to get it to a mechanic (i know, i know). My point is, you should fill er' up with all the liquids necessary, do a compression test, and see if turns over at least a bit. If it does, it hasnt seized yet and you still have hope. Mine sucked down all its water, and i didnt notice. So it overheated to the point of turning off while i was doing 80 on the freeway. Smelled burnt as **** and it wouldnt turn over -.- added water, let it cool down, checked oil, drove it to mechanic, replaced gasket, and have been driving it up an down with WOT runs for 5 months now :shrug: dont give up yet, unless you REALLY want a new stroker :D
i got to thinking, when i ran out of gas the second time i went to turn it over to put it on the trailer and it wouldnt turn, then i went to try it again and it turned right over. then when i got it home i poured some gas in it and it started right up, i shut it off went back out side wouldnt turn over. i was thinking maybe the timing chain broke and got caught up down in the bottom or something, maybe a valve fell down into the cylinder?