Engine smokes when I lay into it!!!


New Member
Apr 2, 2005
Normal driving, I see no smoke. However, when I lay into it I see white/greyish smoke. The engine has 182k, and I was going to upgrade the heads to AFR 165. Is this an indication for me to rebuild the shortblock or is it normal for high milage engine. :shrug:
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What condition is the pcv system in? This can throw some oil into the intake manifold, which burns and blows smoke.
Peak down the oil filler neck and verify that the oil baffle has not been removed. If you see the rockers then the baffle has been ditched, and it is time to put it back in.
Remove the pcv to intake hose (wherever is easiest), and check for oil in the line. If the inside of the hose is wet with oil then you will know oil is getting into the intake that way.

These 2 things seem pretty common in the 5.0

I guess I'm a bit thick. Are we talking smoke from the engine, itself, or smoke coming out of the exhaust? If it's from the engine bay area, could be that valve cover gaskets might be blown, or getting too much crankcase pressure in there for whatever reason (bad PCV valve, too much blowby, or something plugged up?), and thereby spewing oil onto the exhaust manifolds/headers. Otherwise (if it's out the exhaust), I'd wager on bad piston rings and/or valve seals.