Estimated 1/4 mnile time


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Jun 5, 2004
Can anyone give me an idea of how fast my car will be. I have the following mods....vortech supercharger,i think it is set up for 10lbs... 42 lb injectors, larger mass air....255 fuel pump...custom burned chip....anderson power pipe....3.73 gears...h pipe and magnaflow cat back... the car itself is a 2000 gt conv with an automatic tranny....
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I have had the car to the track once bone stock. It went 14.70 on an 18" tire. I want to get an et street to go to the track with.. i think my 60ft was 2.22 on the proxie t1s tires..... i thought the car would not break into the 12's but i would be real happy if it does. i should have it back on thursday from the shop....
You should get the PMS and have Andersons tune it on the dyno, they have a similar car like yours with the same stuff and the pms with that blower tuned and it made 397 at the wheels and 389ft. lbs. of torque. The same car with their blower cams made 446 at the wheels and 395 ft lbs of torque. If you were making 397 at the wheels you should be running deep into the 11's 11.50's or so at about 117 give or take a little. Soon as I get the dough, I'm getting that setup. good luck.