Exhaust Questions


New Member
Mar 29, 2008
Sorry I have alot fo questions guys... But I have been out of the mustang stuff for years. Looking for an exhaust for my 04 GT. Thinking about going with an SLP Loudmouth or Loudmouth II. Anybody have sound clips or any opinions or anything?
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Are you planning on keeping the stock mid-pipe or swapping it out also?

If you are keeping the stock, or a catted mid pipe (if you change it) the Loudmouth-I's will be agressive and fairly loud.

If you get a catless (offroad) mid pipe the Loudmouth-I's will be incredibly loud, rhaspy, poppy, and did I mention loud?

The Loudmouth-II's are alot tamer with a catless mid pipe, and sound really good. Less rhasp, more smooth.

They will still sound good with a stock mid pipe but wont be too loud.

Go to www.youtube.com or www.streetfire.net and do a search for "loudmouth" or "SLP" and see what comes up. There are alot of clips.
I'v got an o/r x with dumped lm1's and it's loud as hell. I love it that way though. It all depends on how you like your exhaust to sound. I think the setup i have sounds the best, but not everyone out there does.