F-150 4.2 Intake Manifold on V6 Mustang?


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Apr 12, 2020
Portland, Oregon
Recently, I've been searching for an intake manifold to swap into my V6 engine. People claim it gives a decent power/torque increase, and it makes the engine bay look really cool. Most swaps I've seen use the intake from a 96-98 Windstar. However, I've also seen a few swaps using the 4.2 intake manny from a 97-00 (?) F-150. I heard that it is easier to bolt on (sits higher up than the windstar intake), but you sacrifice hood clearance, which I am OK with doing. I was wondering 1) have any of you done it before (including Windstar) 2) if so, what issues will likely come up? Thanks.

Video of a 4.2 swapped V6
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Sep 1, 2010
Kearney, NE
Watching. The 3.8 had no reasonable swap options but the full race engine from Ford’s Catalog, or a turbo coupe swap, so this will be interesting.