F/S: 1982 GT Drag Project Hatchback Car

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Mar 1, 2010
Body is in excellent shape and in black and grey primer. All nose pieces are there and in good shape. I have most interior parts but all electronics and dash components are gone (Heater Box, Wiring Harness, Etc.). Dash board, steering column, etc. still intact/ Door locks and windshield wipers shaved. Car needs to be wired and plumbed, plus rear suspension and fuel cell mount needs finished.
Here is a listing of what comes with the car, as far as the chassis.
2- Fiberglass cowl hoods (1- 2inch and 1- 4inch)
2- Steel hatches (1- factory hatch and 1- factory hatch with rear adjustable wing)
2- Weld Racing Drag lites with radial tires
8 point roll custom roll cage (painted Ford metallic purple)
sub-frame rails welded into floor (2x2x1/4 tubing)
JAG racing bucket seat
Lakewood Struts
5 point harness
Fuel Cell
1/2" fuel line
Monster Tac and misc gauges
Budke Racing prepped rear end (8.8 braced up)
34 Moser Axles 5 lug-long studs (Ford 9”)
Aluminum spool Moser
4:56 Ford Motor sports Ring and Pinion
Welded Axle Tubes
Ford 9 inch end caps (for the bolt in axles)
Budke Racing Custom upper and lower control arms
Complete 302 (running assembled)
Top loader 4 speed (needs input shaft)
Lakewood bell housing

351 Cleveland Roller Motor (Fresh machine work, not assembled)
Bored .30 over
Dipped and Magnafluxed
Installed Rousch Racing 4 Bolt Main Caps
Installed Ford Motorsports oil passage bypass kit
New Cam Bearings
Line Bored
351 Boss Heads
Ported and Polished
Stainless Valves
New Springs and Retainers
351 Boss Steel Crank
Balanced and Blueprinted

351 Boss Steel Rods / Balanced and Blueprinted
Ford Motorsports Pistons (domed)
Crowler Roller Camshaft
Crowler Roller Rockers
Crowler Roller Lifters
Crowler Pushrods
Eldebrock Torker II Aluminum Intake
Aluminum Motorsports Waterpump
Motorsports Aluminum Balancer
Headers for 351 C for Fox Body Car

Car is located in Alexandria, Kentucky, just south of Cincinnati Ohio.

I am asking $5000.00 for the entire package, but will consider offers.

Feel free to ask questions, feel free to hit my personal email in my contacts for questions as well.

Pictures Here: Picasa Web Albums - jeff - Mustang

Thanks for looking!!
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