factory keyless goes off by itself


"How long does it take to get help in here?
15 Year Member
Nov 29, 1999
Hey folks,

The car in question isn't mine (I'm not very up on the NE's). It's an '04 V6 vert. The factory keyless/alarm (whatever it is) goes off all by itself pretty often, even with the top up and windows up (and nothing going on around it to set off a shock sensor).

I noticed a black sensor on the left side of the knee-bolster pad. It seems that this might be some sort of shock or motion sensor. Is this true and is it adjustable? I saw some references in other threads to it but didn't see anything blatantly explicit. I obviously can't go out and look at it myself (or I would have) so I was hoping to have a game plan when I do get my hands on the car.

Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
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