Failed inspection


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Mar 22, 2000
Houston, TX
The inspector said that because my O2's sensor and heater where shut off and the catalyst sensor that the state computer failed my car. He said if I can get one of the three of these to be turned on, that I would pass. He said my county only allows 2 items to be turned off. He told me to think about MIL eliminators but, I was told no one is making these any more?

I have a Brenspeed tune for 93 octane/ OR X-pipe / JLT CAI / Steeda pulleys.

Any suggestions?
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I'm surprised that he didn't fail you for the off road X-pipe.... I was under the impression that any time you remove the cats that it would result in an immediate fail for any state inspection.

If you only need to have one thing out of the three working, I'd see if it is possible to turn on the heater wire without turning on the o2 sensor. In theory that will allow you to have one of the three on, and shouldn't result in a check engine light. :shrug:
A lot of people sell MIL Eliminators including but a lot of people have had no luck with them.

I'm with homebrewer, I have no idea how you didn't fail inspection with the removal of your cats. It's against the law to tamper with that stuff ...
new to the fourm but im with whyask slip him a 50 go back on a monday-thrusday night and look for the employee parking lot and find the most modded car and slip the cars owner a 50. then u pass and jr can pay for gas and his date friday night.
I'm really interested in this too. I live in TX where they aren't really "anal" about inspections but I plan to reinstall my JBA catted pipe and reactivate my rear O2's prior to inspection. I'd REALLY like to know if I don't have to go through all that bs...
Failed Emissions

I live in Virginia and I just went to have my emissions test done so I can renew my registration before the end of the month and the guy told me that my computer had been messed with lately and he was unable to test my car. He told me to put about 150 more miles on it and bring it back.

I looked at the paper he gave me and it says, "The OBD system is not ready to be tested and cannot make a determination regarding the condition of the pollution control systems on the vehicle."

Has anyone else run into this before? Have I screwed something up by putting a tune on my car?
It seems to me instead os spending so much time and energy on trying to get away with something. wouldn't make more aense just to run a legal system. No matter what you do to the exhaust it's not going to make gobs of hp anyway, so just run some highflow cats. It makes no sense to run no cats when it's so illegal and will bite you in the butt evenyually anyway. You don't really gain anything by not running cats but a hassle.
I have stock exhaust and couldn't pass with my CAI and Brenspeed tune.
Had to switch back to stock intake and tune, drive for a day, then got my sticker.

p.s. You don't realize what you have till it's gone. Could not put my Steeda intake and SCT tune back on fast enough!