Finally, a PI Intake to a Non-PI Heads Adaptor Kit!

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Aug 1, 2009
they have had that kit for some time now but its still expensive and they wont sell just the plates u have to buy the whole kit. sucks if you alresdy have the intake.


New Member
Dec 21, 2004
Stafford VA

It's a neat idea for those who dont want to jump knee deep into a build, but get real. If you are patient enough, you could do a PI headswap for around that much. Hell you could find a complete PI motor in the neighborhood of $500.


New Member
Dec 22, 2004
Boston area, MA
I thought it was better to not use adapter plates? There was a discussion a while back, about how the adapter plates raised the injectors and therefore altered the spray characteristics...

Anyway, I installed my PI intake using just PI gaskets and a dab of RTV silicone for the two water jackets and it's working fine for me!


New Member
Mar 30, 2005
Livernois' kit would be okay as they machine the intake so that the injectors are placed in the original spot. Partially the reasoning for the cost. Personally though, what I used the PI gaskets and RTV around the coolant ports. Never had any issues when I ran my car that way or any of the cars I did afterwards.


Oh and Livernois started offering those in 2004...


May 14, 2008
The Island NY
Yup, I looked into this when doing my PI intake swap.The Livernois kit is a bit on the expensive side for my budget, so I decided on the tried and true RTV trick.
No problems to report, and I am happy as anything.

Now to find the time for PI cams/new valve seals... :D
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