Finally got duals


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May 24, 2005
Yes, so happy that I got dual exhaust installed today and am truely loving it. Mach 1 take offs with straight back true dual pipes, so no H or X. Sounds wicked, atleast when you are used to stock lol. It does get some popping at high RPMs when you just rev it in neutral, but still sounds good driving it.


I'll try to post a sound clip later, I had a friend with his video camera do it, but forgot the connections (DOH) so I have to wait for him to get it onto his PC and send me it.


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Looks awesome! It really makes a difference, doesn't it? I look forward to your sound clip. When my finals are done next week and I have a spare minute, I'm going to break out the manual on my video camera and figure out how to put a clip on the PC, because I know it can do it. Maybe I will have it figured out in time for my 100,000 mile thread?? (I'm at 99,650)
I just got duals on mine last week as well. I opted to get a GT/Cobra back end b/c I've seen a lot of people with poorly positioned pipes sticking out the back. Yours actually looks good... nice and straight. I need to get a clip of my sound up as well...