finally ordered gears.


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Aug 2, 2004
i finally ordered a set of 4.10 ford racing gears. me and a friend are going to try the install ourselves. i'm going to do a search on here for a few tips on the install so if anyone has any pointers that would be great. thanks
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Hey me too dude. I just ordered and I'm gonna take a shot at the install too. Keep posting on how it goes and I'll do the same. I won't be installing till the weekend of the 22nd though. I could toss you some links to how-to threads, but I am guessing you have seen all of those.

Try 50Resto for a master rear end rebuild kit if you dont have it coming already. It will give you all the shims you will need, trac-lock rebuild, plus it has instructions on the rebuild (never hurts to have one more source to look at).

Since I am totally green on this one (never done gears before), I don't have any tips to share. Except maybe hose down your ABS sensors good the night before with penetrating lube, and 30 minutes before you try to pull em (but you prolly already knew that).

Anyway good luck.
Follow the link in my sig, read the install articles first, then read my snyopsis afterwards. Read them multiple times, it takes a couple run throughs to comprehend everything.

PM or e-mail me if you have any specific questions.
Hey ToplessMustang, how'd it go? Any luck? Any major problems?

My car goes up on the jack stands this weekend for the tear down. Then I'll get the bearings pulled and pressed (pinion and carrier) during the week next week. And I will button it all up the following weekend.
Today I stripped the car down for the upcoming gear install (drained the rear end, pulled the axels and driveshaft, and yanked the carrier and gears). This week they are going off to the shop to get bearings pulled and pressed. Then next weekend I will install it back and let 'er rip.

I will give you the whole story once I get it all buttoned up again. But no major glitches yet.
OK, I got it done. Ran into a few glitches along the way. But all in all, it went much smoother than I thought it would. The car runs well, with no howling from the gears.

I replaced all the bearings and rebuilt the trac-loc too. So I should be good to go for another 90k now.

Hey ToplessMustang, check in here too with how your install went.
GRGT1994 said:
OK, I got it done. Ran into a few glitches along the way. But all in all, it went much smoother than I thought it would. The car runs well, with no howling from the gears.

Sweet... Congrats.. :nice: Once you got a set of gears under your belt your officially hardcore..... :D
People seem to freak about gears...but they're pretty straight forward to install...
glad to hear your install went good GRGT1994. mine went off without a hitch. everything sounds like its suppose too. tightening pinion nuts sucks alittle though. to go along with the new gears i installed a steeda tri-ax short throw shifter,steeda clutch quadrant,firewall adjuster and cable.
GRGT1994 said:
With that setup you must feel like you have a new car, eh ToplessMustang?

I love the gears BTW. These are what Ford should have put in there!

Glad to see everything worked out.

What problems did you run into? I would like to add them into my write-up if you wouldn't mind. Always nice to see everyone's seperate experiences and difficulties.
The biggest problem I had was not having everything I need, tools wise. (inverse torx bit for ABS, 12 point 12 mm socket, bolt pulling tool for rounded over carrier shaft retaining bolt, rear brake compressing socket, etc, etc, etc) So I did lots of running around.

But the real problems were not too bad once I figured out how to work through them. I banged on the axel bearings for a long while till I pulled the seals out first. Then the bearings poped right out. Removing the carrier shaft retaining bolt took a run to Sears. The red threadlock on it really worked. So I rounded over the head trying to get it out. And lastly, getting the passenger side brake caliper compressed enought to reinstall took the tool/socket. So all in all, pretty minor stuff.

A few things hit me going through that might help others trying their own install.

First, I did the job on two days, one the first weekend, the second the following weekend. This gave me plenty of time to take the carrier and pinion into a shop to pull and press the bearings ($35).

Loosening the pinion nut is often complained about, but I got the breaker bar loaded up and braced the flange, then I put a jack under the end of the breaker bar. About an inch of lifting under the jack and the nut came off real easy.

Another issue that may be over done in some of the walk throughs is installing the ring gear on the carrier. I simply lowered it on as far as it would go, without forcing it, then tightened it on the rest of the way with the old carrier nuts. This way I didnt have to worry about heating it up, possibly getting burned, and somehow dry the thing before lowering.