Finally taking the car to the track!


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Sep 24, 2000
Not sure if I should have put this in tech but decided it was safe here. I finally got around to working out all the bugs on the car and added some suspension parts to try and get the car to hook and tomorrow is a test and tune at a local 1/8h track and I am headed down to see if I can get the e/t down a little more to match the mph. Hopefully all will go well and the car will not act up on me.
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89 blue lx said:
what suspension work have you done?

Stuff I should have done a long time ago. I added subframe connectors, steeda adjustable upper control arms, lower control arms, replaced all bushings with new urethane ones, and added torque boxes. This along with the adjustable shocks and struts that are already on the car should make it hook up a little better. The bushings made the suspension feel a lot better. The 10yo stock rubber ones were sure wore out.
Killercanary said:
Sounds great Robbie! Definitely let us know how you do! Are you into the 7's yet in the 1/8th with your car?

Yea I have gone 7.8's and 7.9's at 88mph several times but the 60ft's are not there. The best was a 1.86 60ft and that is about .2 off from what they should be. Hopefully the extra suspension will help drop the 60ft times.