Finding Where The Short Is (93 Mustang)


What hole is this!?!
Jun 7, 2011
I'm following the test procedure for my air bag system.

I made it to where I am supposed to test the B Pillar safing crash sensor. The sensor checked out ok, so the procedure is saying that there must be a short in circuit 623 which is a purple wire with a white stripe. It run from the B Pillar all the way up to the left kick panel into a harness plug, through the dash, to the air bag diagnostic module. (Computer)

It's very difficult to visually inspect (or even see) where the purple wire goes even with all the crap on the dash I have removed.

I assume that if the monitor is disconnected and the sensor is disconnected and the harness is disconnected, that the two lengths of wires should have no resistance to ground. I did check for continuity and I have it.

Can I use this test to at least determine which length of wire has the short? (if there really even is one.. I don't really trust the test procedure 100%)

Is it worth it to invest in one of those "Short Finder" tools?

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