Finished the 393 but need to plug the old dip stick hole

393 notch

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Jan 1, 2007
Hey guys i finished the 393, well almost finished. i put the motorsport fox swap pan on and now i need to plug the old oil dip stick hole in the block. im wondering what you guys may have used to do this. any input would be appreciated. thx Ray.
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I did one a few years ago. I used some epoxy to fill the hole. I'm sure it wasn't the best way, but I already had the pan on and didn't want to tap threads into the hole and plug it with a bolt, so I just mixed up a little bit of the epoxy and stuffed it into the hole and smoothed it over on the outside. You can even paint over it and you won't be able to tell it was ever there unless you actually look for it.
i'm sure you can get a small cup plug. you could also make a plug out of a bolt or something. just gring a gradual taper and seal it with locktight and tap it in gently. but a cup plug would look better.
the ford racing "302 serpentine conversion kit", which is used for putting ANY 302 into a fox, comes with water pump, timing cover, oil pan, and balancer. how is this relevant you ask? well the timing cover has a dipstick hole in it, it fits like 68-00 302's or something. anyway, yes there was a little tiny cup plug that you could either put in the block or the timing cover depending on application. so they are out there somewheres.
THX guys, i think im going to go with the cup plug idea. i called ford and they said they had something like it. so ill check it out friday. by the way i got my spider intake powder coated silver, what a mistake it looks like ***t. my advice to anyone get it clear coated instead.. thx for all the input.... Ray
The threads are 1/4NPT or 3/8NPT I can't remember which. These pipe plugs can be found at any home depot or through Summit Racing. Use the right part! They're cheap and will last a lifetime. Don't forget to use teflon tape.