First Time Cobra


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Jan 4, 2014
We were out test driving a 04 GT we spied at the local dealer.The roads were wet & cold,and we were heading back to the lot..not much fun driving when tires won't hook up.
The stickshift cars are dangerous when the roads are wet! So we headed back , and as we turned down the next road , there it was. Sitting out by the road with for sale sign on it .
We were gona pass it up and go see it later when the weather got better , but some thing inside made me go back.
This thing was in better shape than the 04 we were in , by far.
There was a slight surface rust on the 04 , on the exhaust and bumper, and all the lines and bolts..
The 94 looked like it was New underneath,and the interior was even nicer. Sum1 took really good care of the car, and it was from the Midwest where they do not use salt on the roads.
It was about half the price too..
Well it was a no brainer , from that point on . We bought the car the next day , and are finding out all kinds of cool stuff about it . It drives better than the 04 too.
Me and the kid put 200 miles on it the first day & i like the car better every time I see it .
We hav had alot if muscle cars , but this 1 , is 1 of the best . It's a blast to drive and it's completely 100% bone stock . No after market parts anywhere .
I was reluctant to get it at first , due to the age & miles .
They really did a good job designing the car . We have the window sticker too . The original owner had ordered the car from the factory , and waited 6 months for it , he told us .
We've been looking for a car for a long time . We really lucked out. We learned alot about the car just reading what is on this site , as a matter of fact . The radio &the cd player act up a little bit , but that's about it .
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