First time taking the Mustang to the track (VIDEO)


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Jan 16, 2008
New Jersey
So this is the first time I brought the Mustang to the track. I was hoping for a little better, but that will have to wait for next time..

I have to work on my launch, I think I shifted perfect through the run, but I felt like I feathered the clutch too lightly and had a slow launch. Any suggestions on how to do better?

By the way, I was only able to get 1 run in since I got there very late..

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My scanner is not working, so here's the timeslip typed up..

R/T... .759
60'... 2.472
330... 6.610
1/8... 9.963
MPH... 73.00
1000... 12.872
1/4... 15.321
MPH... 92.18
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yeah, you need to be more aggressive on the start. pretty much switch between the clutch and gas on the start. you want the wheels to spin a little... i know this may sound dumb but when they start spinning you can let up on the gas a little then put it back to the floor. on street tires my best 60 foots were when it was spinning but not roasting them. it took awhile to learn but not i can usually 60' in the 2.10's. i would think the car should run somewhere between 14.5 and 14.7. looks good though
Get some drag radials,launching at any higher rpm will just blow the tires off.I love englishtown,if i see you down there i will stop by and say hi.If you see a black notch with bullets and a cowl hood ,its me.I might go this coming friday if traffic isnt bad,the parkway south on holiday? weekends blows.
Sounded like you were roasting the clutch instead of the tires on that launch. As stated, a little wheelspin is okay (perhaps inevitable) with street radials, so don't fry your clutch in trying to avoid it.

Last time I hit the track, I squeaked out a 15.0 @ 98 mph in the notch (now Frankenstang's). My launch was just above off-idle with just a chirp of the tires (it was either a 2.2 or 2.3 60-foot), and I was kind of granny-shifting it, so between those things and the MPH I ran, I know the car had a lot more in it ... plus I was still running a cat'ed X-pipe at the time. Practice the launch, keep your shifts quick (without destroying anything), and you'll be in the high 14's. Not bad at all for your first go, though. :nice: