First trip to the track! Lots of fun this was!

Well we just made it back home and let me tell you we had a blast up there! First time ever at the track for both my friend and I and we had a blast! We made several runs due to not many people being there tho. We made 12-13 runs each.

My first run was..
reaction= 1.12
60 ft=2.38
1/8th et=9.04
1/8 mph=82.40
1/4 et=13.99

Ok here are the best 5 runs going from slowest to fastest.
run #7
60 ft=2.26
1/8th et=8.87
1/8 mph=82.25
1/4 et=13.47

Run #9
60 ft=2.24
1/8th et=8.85
1/8 mph=82.87
1/4 et=13.42

reaction= .571 (my best of the day)
60 ft=2.24
1/8th et=8.79
1/8 mph=82.96
1/4 et=13.35

Run #10
60 ft=2.19
1/8th et=8.74
1/8 mph=82.89
1/4 et=13.30

Best run # 12
60 ft=2.16
1/8th et=8.72
1/8 mph=82.58
1/4 et=13.29

I got my 13.2 that I was looking for and if I had some drag radials or slicks I could have atleast made a better 60ft time on them. Also my reaction times were sucking so bad! What do you guys think? First time out I dont think I did to bad. Sorry for no 1/4 mph but the tracks stuff was messed up!
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Thats pretty good for your first time out man.

Your 1/8th mile MPH is good, id expect the same of your 1/4 mile MPH.

Your car has 12's in it im sure, bring those 60' times down like you said, with a 1.8 or 1.9 60' youll be flying.
Nice times:nice: Just remember your reaction time has nothing to do with your ET's. The time starts when your car moves.

Yup, thats true. Alot of people get mixed up with that though.

But keep in mind, if you are racing off the track a quick reaction time can and most of the time will make or break a race.
That is great. When you get those 60ft times down to 1.8-1.9, you will be hitting about 12.8-13.0. I would buy some Drag Radials and play with air pressure.

If you can't pull 1.8, 1.9 or 2.0....don't get down on might be the track. For 4 years I was pulling 2.000000' 2.3 area.....I was like...I suck at racing.....then I went to a different track and pulled a 1.888 on the first and second pass. I made 9 passes that night. 2 passes were 1.88, 1 pass was a 2.1, and the other 6 were all 1.9's. Sometimes, it's the track.....For example...look at my sig.
With those mods you should be able to hit 12's no problem. I have 275x17 Mickey ET drs on my stock rims but atco just opened up again so I havent gotten to run on the sticky tires. You should be able to cut that 60 foot down alot with the power your making and good drs