Flowtech Headers Question


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Apr 4, 2005
madison, WI
Hey Guys:

Well i did a little searching and i cant find the exact answer im looking for, but anyway i am looking for opinions on the Flowtech Headers?? i am looking at getting some for my 03 auto gt, but as much as i want the SLP's there pricey, and i was thinking i can get a set of the flowtechs along with either a bassani catted x or magnaflow true x for the price of just the slp headers.. so i was wondering i allready have the loud mouth I, would it make more sense to hold out a little longer and go for the full SLP, or go for the flowtech and bassani or magnaflow catted x setup.. I guess i havent heard to much about flowtech and i was wondering how there quality is or if you guys could shed some more light on the product!!

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The quality is really good, but not the best. Comparable to quality of BBK headers, and far, FAR, better than MAC crap. You can't just mate up a shorty pipe from magnaflow or bassani to them though, you have to use the flowtech piece or have the headers and/or midpipe modified to fit together.
Most people will probably tell you they are crap, but they have never used them. I have them on my car and they are just fine. No problems as long as they are installed correctly. I'm also running the flowtech o/r x-pipe and flowmasters. I think my car sounds pretty bad ass.

Here is a quick video:


Your car does sound bad ass!!! i guess i am leaning more towards those considering there cheaper and the gaines on longtubes are pretty much the same... does anybody know what kind of modification would have to be done to say a true-x catted xpipe in order to make it work with the flowtech headers and SLP loudmouth exhaust.
On the Flowtech site it says that the headers come with 3 inch collecters ,they come with downsizers to make the collecters into 2.5 inch which should be able to bolt right up to after markets mid pipes!!!........I think that I am goingg to go with the hedman headers ,i have heard that the flowtech are not smog test friendly:nonono:

Has anyone here used or heard anything of the heddman headers???
I had a set of flowtech LT's on my 93. The paint that comes on them is crap!!! But the quality is comparable to other brands in the same class. They are not kooks or SLP's but they will work. The ones on my 93 came with the 3 inch collectors but not the ball socket type. I had to have an H pipe cut and have collectors welded to them. Not sure if the ones for the newer stangs have the same collectors or not.