SOLD For Sale: 2004 Mach 1 Wheels [oem] ~10k Miles $150 For Set


Sep 17, 2003
Decatur, GA
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I took these wheels off my 2004 Mach 1 many years ago after about 10k miles of driving on them. Wheels are in pretty good shape with minor curb rash.

The tires are the originals that Ford put on the car, so given they are 13 years old now, you will need to mount new tires before installing these on your car.

The wheels are 17"x8"
These wills will fit all sn-95 Mustangs (1994-2004), V6, GT, Cobra Mach 1 or other.

$100 for the set of 4

I am in Atlanta, GA. PM to arrange pickup.

Mach 1 Wheels 1.JPG

Mach 1 Wheels 2.JPG
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