1. R

    For Sale GT Track Pack Wheels

    I recently installed Apex / Yokohamas on my 2014 GT w/Track Pack I now have a set of four 19X10/ET42 wheels with Michelin SuperSport Cups tires available. The wheels have 28K miles on them and are as mint as can be. Zero cracks, bends, or rashes /scrapes (in the picture they have brake dust...
  2. opihinalu

    Running s550 eco boost wheels over ATS brembos

    Hey all. I have been running s550 wheels that I think come stock on an eco boost and I am doing the Cadillac ATS brake upgrade. Does anyone have any experience running these rims or something similar with the big brakes? Do they fit...
  3. fisher54

    SOLD Styled Steel Wheels 15x7 for 65-67

    ASKING: $175 for Set of Four. These were purchased new in 2003 from Mustangs Plus for $140/ea. Back then, the manufacturer was Specialty Wheels Ltd. (503-491-8848) in Oregon. I believe Scott Drake bought out that manufacturer and does them now. They are 15x7 with 205-65-15 tires that are about...
  4. S

    Fox Enkei 92 Fitment Question

    I have a line on a set of Enkei 92's in gold that I wanted to use for my 5 Lug upgrade on my 88 Saleen replica. The concern is that the offset is +32. I'm new to dealing with fitment of aftermarket wheels. Can I only use stock 5 lug brakes, or will upgraded brakes be fine? Will the offset...
  5. K

    1999 v6 wheel swap

    Hi y'all! I own a 1999 mustang v6 convertible with stock wheels/tires. For the fun of it, im trying to put HRE wheels on the convertible (<b>HRE</b> FlowForm FF15 -<br> Tarmac - Wheel Warehouse) and want to figure out what the right setup/with spacers would be? I'm definitely wanting the 18"...
  6. S

    Replacing stock tires and wheels on my 04 Mustang GT

    So I've been meaning to get new tires and wheels for my 04 Mustang GT, and I wanted to turn it into a tribute car of the SVT Cobra R. I was thinking about getting the cobra style wheel with a squared setup of 265/40/18's all around. I haven't seen anyone do this before so I'm wondering if it...
  7. E

    Best tires for 88 Foxbody GT?

    Just picked up my first foxbody and was looking for opinions on the best all season/summer tires. Also was wondering what size I should run to get the best grip, currently it has 215/55/R16 in the front and 275/40/ZR17 in the back. Which brings me to my next question, is 16s in the front and 17s...
  8. elarm1

    What's it Worth? 18" Sn-95 Roush wheels worth

    I got a set that were on my uncles Roush. Beautiful car that he sold without the wheels. One wheel had a crack that lead to a slow leak that I had fixed and all the lips of the wheels polished. I might put them on my fox. What are they worth?
  9. J

    For Sale Polished Pony Package 18x8 10 spoke wheels W/ tires

    $325 - I have 4 polished Pony Package wheels from my 2011 Mustang to sell. They are in very good condition with a few minor blemishes. Size is 18x8 and they have Fierce Instinct ZR tires size 235/50-18. Tires are nearing the wear bars but still have tread on them and should be able to pass...
  10. D

    Rims rims rims - '96 GT 5-lug

    Hey all, So I tried posting in the SN95 forum, but that probably wasn't the right spot, lol. So I've got an '88 Fox with '96 GT front spindles (5-lug), calipers, discs. The calipers have the 'bracing bracket' deal that makes clearance an issue on certain rims. I understand from reading around...
  11. L

    Tires and wheels?

    I want to to put as wide of a rim and tire I can on my 1998 Mustang Cobra without making any serious mods to the suspension except I do want to drop it 2”s. I want the car as low as I can and I want the tires to be as wide as I can fit in the wheel wells and not have the rear wheels and tires...
  12. 1

    '95 Cobra R 17x9 wheels

    I'm a new member. I just bought some 4 lug Cobra r's 17x9, for my 1990 convertible. I wasn't expecting the front wheels to stick out so far. It looks goofy to me. I have researched some and it appears this is common. I want to install some wheel spacers on the rear, but I'm seeing mixed...
  13. S

    1966 Shelby 10 spoke wheels. Real?

    So I just got this 66 Shelby clone. The seller didn't give me much info but did say that he got "real" 1966 Shelby wheels. I've searched high and low and can't seem to figure out if they are or not. I haven't pulled a wheel off yet (just got it yesterday) but the spokes feel hollow on the back...
  14. A

    Needing info on 18" wheels on 89 lx

    I am wanting to run Aodhan DS05's on my 89 lx. I was wanting to run 18x8.5 with +35 offset on the front and 18x9.5 with either +35,+30 or +22 on the rear. I know ill have to get rid of the quad shock and maybe roll the fenders. I Was wondering what offset would be the best fitment and what size...
  15. M

    For Sale Mustang weld wheels XP

    Weld wheels 17x9's front 17x10's rear, brand new tires 245/40/17's 315/35/17's RARE wheels never seen weather $1800 859-816-7743 not on here much so texting is the best way to reach me 5x114.3 also has other 5 lug holes (was on gto) Burlington ky Mustang Cobra Gto Corvette Lexus Supra
  16. T

    Paint and Body Extra Clearance After Fender Roll

    A while ago, I swapped the axles on my 1990 over to SN95 axles for the 5 lug and the rear disks. I'm running the 17" Cobra wheels from the same year on 275/40's. I rolled the rear fender lip in, however, I am still getting more than a substantial amount of rub when I have anything remotely...
  17. RossD

    2005 Mustang GT 4.6L Roush Convertable - looking to replace Wheels &Tires

    My wife and I just bought a 2005 Convertible Roush 4.6L and I am looking to replace the stock wheels and tires. They are currently 17" Wheels with 235/55R17 tires. I am thinking I want to stay with the same total diameter. I would like to go with 18 or 19 inch wheels and a tire that would yield...
  18. OneSick99GT

    1999 Mustang Gt Biggest Tires She Can Fit

    Hey Guys/Gals, I'm looking to buy some tires for my Mustang Gt. I'm looking to pick up some Mickey Thompson's but want to know the widest tire I can fit on it. Im debating between 305's and 295's or 285's. I have a lot of work done to it and need some opinions from others on suggestions...
  19. O

    Wheels-Tires Offset of new 2019 Mustang GT 18x8 wheels

    I'm ordering a new 2019 Mustang GT premium with the standard 18x8 wheels/tires. I would like to change the wheels to something a bit more unique. What is the offset of the factory 18x8 wheels?
  20. 6

    Trying to find a set of period correct wheels

    Hello all! My name is 614HSO. I am just new to this site and I would like to know if anyone here would have some knowledge on a type of wheel that had looked to have been offered by an aftermarket company (such as Prime or ARE) during the 1990’s. If you didn’t know, the NYPD confiscated two Fox...