Ford can't even identify this front end clunk I get when letting off the brake!


New Member
Aug 6, 2014

I'm really hoping someone can help. For the last two years i've had this loud clunk in my front end as I'm coming to a stop, and when I start slowly letting off the brake to gently stop, i hear a loud front end clunk. I brought it to ford finally, and they looked, said he can't see anything at all under there. The front end is all tight, the LCA's looked fine, brakes and pads and rotors looked fine, and he had no idea. Their next step is to hook up a bunch of mics and listen to wear the noise is loudest, then take it from there, but i'm worrying that's going to be super costly at this point! i'm really hoping someone here has had this noise and can identify what's happening. in the video, it happens around the beginning once i'm slowing down as the wheels turned..and then again around 22 seconds once i come to a stop. please help!

(FYI it's the first set of clunks...the second that happens a few seconds after is the noisy ass trans as i'm shifting it back into reverse lol)
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