Ford GT in SE WI

Went to the dealer tonight to get an '06 order guide. (They're not able to take '06 orders officially yet.) Showed me the two new colors; very nice. New blue is sharp.

FORD GT (NOT a Mustang GT): If anyone thinks this car is as cool as I do... Griffin Ford in Waukesha (Southeast WI) has a Ford GT in the showroom! FOR SALE!! (White w/ blue stripes) I went to talk about the Mustang, but couldn't keep my eyes off of it. You can't open any hatches/doors, touch the inside, etc. But it's VERY different to see it in person vs. at an auto show. It just got there TODAY about 30 minutes before I arrived!

If you're like me and would love to have a GT but have no way to afford it, I would recommend you go see it before someone makes it theirs! And don't ask me about price, because: 'If you have to ask, you can't afford it.'
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Hypnotist said:
Sticker!? There was no sticker. I didn't inquire about price either; I know I can't afford it, so why dissappoint myself hearing by how much I can't. I was happy enough to see it... :)

:D haha exactly! That's really cool you saw one up close....i'm extremely envious. Hopefully there will be one or two driving around the bay area if i'm lucky. I have seen a maroon S7 around on nice weekends...