Ford GT


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Nov 20, 2004
Would the Ford GT 19x11 wheels fit out back? and would the car look funny with an 18" 19" staggered setup ? i love the way these wheels look but finding the replicas in a machined finish is near impossible. The OEM's aren't that pricy so looking into this as an option.
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from the best info i can find.

The fronts will 6mm bigger both in and outside demsion. which i would think is no issue at all.

The rears are much bigger thanks to the 11.5 rim
+ 28mm innner
+ 48mm outer

I need to look and see how 48mm outer is going to be, but is the 28mm innner going to have clearence issues ?
You'll never fit the 11.5 without serious modifications to your car.

If you want the GT's, get the CT-R ones that fit properly. The staggered sizing wouldn't look bad at all. But it's a stretch to fit a 10.5 on S197's. 11.5 is not happening. The gunmetal ones would look great on your car.