ford radio

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Unless you already have the Ford Cd player, I would keep the one you have. You will probably end up paying more for one of those CD players than an aftermarket one. How come you want to switch? I know I bought a Kenwood that I like, but it's silver and kind of does not blend in as nice as the factory one did.
i bought a donor car a while back and this ford cd player was in there so i am going to sell one of them the alpine is in the car now .i am trying to keep everything ford in the car .just want to make sure that it is not a downgrade
i have not powered it up yet but i like the days of a volume knob so that when your driving you did not have to take your eyes off the road. the ford one doesn't have a knob either but the up and down buttons are easy to distinguish from other buttons.that is why i am leaning on going with the ford radio.
i actually bought some old alpines off of e-bay like 6 months ago one is a cd player and the other cassete .i think these were alpines best models because they had the knob for the volume.unfortunately they are both pullouts and did not come with the casings.these new alpines are ugly i like the old square buttons that light up in green and match the ford electronics.