Ford TOB or Local Autoparts TOB for clutch job?


New Member
Dec 17, 2019
Hey all,
I'm replacing my clutch at 89K miles and plan to basically rebuild everything I can down there while the tranny is out. My question is, what TOB do you guys recommend? I know people with Ford TOBs that squeak and I know others with them that don't squeak/squeal. I plan on using a Spec clutch because I like a stiff clutch pedal feel and don't plan on using the provided TOB, should I go OEM or just buy one from Oreily's for half the price? I know old school mechanics who replaced a million clutches using autopart store TOBs and never had an issue but still kinda thinking about what I should do. Any advice would be appreciated.

PS: I'll be replacing clutch cable with all necessary goodies (MM quadrant, firewall adjuster)
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