Fox body ignition wiring diagrams


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Oct 12, 2002
St. Louis, MO
Does anyone know where to get wiring diagrams for all the wires under the dash surround the steering column? I am trying to finish removing an alarm system installed by a previous owner and unfortunately I don't know what every wire is for and there are quite a few. The Chilton's manual is a start but by no means complete. Any suggestions??
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This schematic , courtesy of TMoss (author) and S&2B's (site host) might help.

You might find a wire or two spliced into one or two big yellow wires under there. IIRC, that's key-on power. The one to be careful with is the starter kill wire - you need to put that wire back together so the car will start. The alternative is to not touch that wire or its relay. The relay should be wired passively so the car will still start (the way most starter kills are wired is that they require active input from the alarm to be functional when the alarm is armed. When off, the power travels through the common and NC terminals).

Good luck.