fox owner from east tn checking


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Jan 12, 2012
philadelphia, tn
What's up guys! I'm a newb to the site from the big city of Philadelphia TN. Not new to forums tho. Got a 90 lx coupe that started life out as a four cylinder automatic. YF paint code with the grey and black two tone interior. Done a v8 five speed swap on it last winter and been converting the interior to black. Got a few goodies on it. Will post pics and more info on the car when I'm at home and not work.
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Jan 12, 2012
philadelphia, tn
Well on my phone right now so I can't post any pics. Too many to do from mobile would take forever. Here's a YouTube link to a startup video and parts list

Maximum Motorsports CC plates
Maximum Motorsports Solid Steering Shaft
Ford Racing C springs
Boxed uppers
Tockico blues
1.375 front sway bar
Adjustable rear sway bar

FI 302 HO
Guy I got the motor from said it was a f cam
Frpp underdrive pulleys
Frpp smog eliminator
Pypes stainless shorties
Pypes o/r xpipe
Magnaflow catback
T5 with MGW shifter
Aluminum driveshaft
King cobra clutch
Ford racing clutch cable and quadrant
Bbk fenderwell intake

Parts not installed
03/04 cobra front brakes w/ rear disk
Scorpion 1:6 roller rockers
Trick flow upgraded valve springs
B303 cam
Professional products typhoon polished intake
Maximum motorsports solid motor mounts
24lb injectors

Parts left to get for current project on it
Accufab 70mm tb
Bassani or magnaflow xpipe
Different headers
Gaskets and fluids

The current project is the engine. The motor I bought that's in the car has a bad wrist pin I believe so I'm putting a new shortblock from latemodel resto in it

Here's the youtube vid

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