Fox parts left over

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Feb 9, 2007
I have some parts left over

MSD pro Billet Distributor with blaster coil $175

New Ford Racing red wires $30

Aluminum Radiator $115

New 373 Gears $100

BBK shorties and flowmasters $175

everything for a 5sp swap
T5 with bell housing short throw shifter new clutch flywheel clutch fork and 5sp pedals double hump crossmember and a adj cable $650

stock radiator with electric fan and thermostatic fan controller $50

3G alternator Swap 3G alternator 4 gauge wire and a 150 amp circuit breaker $150

Stock Bottom ends $40 each

Stock E7s $30

Complete 5.0L has like 80xxx miles on the rotating assembly new trick flow stage 1 cam new comp cams push rods new comp cams lifters 1.6 aluminum Roller rockers new timing set new gaskets 70mm BBK throttle body 19lb hi flo injectors under drive pulleys $800

have other parts so let me know

have more let me know my email is [email protected]
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Not open for further replies.