fox throttle body conversion

What all would i need to do this conversion. obviously the throttle body itself and a new cable. but how does the cable attach. I dont have egr on my car right now and i dont want it when i do the conversion. I guess i should try searching the old threads before i post haha....o well:D
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Mar 30, 2005
I got this write up from another member awhile ago.hope it helps

Here's how to do it:
You'll need the following items:
Fox TB
Fox TB IAC (you can use the SN IAC but it looks Fugly and you may have hood clearance problems)
Fox Throttle cable
Fox Cruise control cable
Fox throttle cable bracket
Fox Fuel injector wiring harness side of the TPS sensor
Fox EGR valve (and a 5\8" cap to block off the EGR port on your header)
Fox EGR spacer if not using a '93 Cobra intake or EGR delete plate to mount throttle bracket
Fox Vacuum tree (available at like most of these parts)
Tubing to run from the VC filler neck to the TB PCV tube connection if not using SN95 port
Vacuum caps if you need to block any connections off if you've deleted EGR etc.
a 3\8" pipe plug to block off the Fox ACT sensor port behind the #5 runner in the lower intake if you are running a Fox lower intake or aftermarked intake (or simply use the Fox ACT sensor as a plug for the hole)
You'll have to modify your SN CAI or modify a Fox CAI, or make your own. I have pictures that I can email you.
Here is the TPS wiring splice directions:
TPS wiring...