fox throttle conversion: need tubing for mass air to throttle


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Oct 20, 2001
I know some people on here have used the intake tubing off a 4.6 but for some reason I am having no luck. I just purchased the whole intake tube assembly (with mass air) for $.99 on ebay. I open the box and it has an oval throttle opening. Isnt this Cobra? I was under the assumption that 4.6 sohc was round. Maybe I got the wrong part. What have you guys done? I wouldnt mind getting a custom pipe bent at the exhaust shop but will need something to drive it there.
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ya i think the gt's have the round tb opening and cobras have the oval.

what i did was make my own. i went to a local truck shop where they had madrel bent pipes. i cut it at an angle and threw on a rubber coupler.

you can try local muffler shops to see if they can bend you one.
I was given these links once. I didnt choose to get it but it would look really nice.

I went with some 3" pvc tubing. Works for me.

GTJake said:
Mario- Weren't you suppose to dyno soon? Any results yet?


Actually Jake the worst chit happened to me lately. Dyno day was yesterday. On Wednesday I went to some car show and I notice something weird with the drivetrain. Something I never experienced before. Turns out it's my clutch that is slipping BIG time. Started just like that. Some guy hoped for a ride with me and said he never seen a clutch slipped like that before. In any gear, any speed, and rpm, if I put a MINIMUM load you just see the rpm's jump. SUCKS

So there was no way I could dyno yesterday. I would of wasted my money. Instead my buddy took my place with his 92 notch with a 364ci stroker (302 stroker) N/A. It was only a 3pull package I had planed so he could not tune his car yesterday. Just took it out after 1.5 year of working on it. With 14* of timing and 40pds of fuel he made 391rwhp and 398rwtq on a Mustang Dyno. He gets his tune at the end of the month and I'm positive he'll get 425rwhp out of it. Some badass coupe. Appraised at 32 500$ CAN ( 26 200$ US). :drool: