Brakes Foxbody Rear Brake Line Fitting Size


Nov 1, 2013
Hey guys I'm trying to find the size of the fitting that connects the hardline to the rear distribution block. I've heard a few different sizes and was wondering if anyone knows for sure what size it is.. just to be clear this is the line that runs under the car and connects to the block before running to the wheels. I know the line size is 3/16th but can't find a definite answer on the fitting..
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Just a guess, but I want to say the fitting is a 3/16" inverted flare type fitting. It's been a while since I've dealt with these so don't hold me to that
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Hey thanks for the info on the drum side I was wondering about that too. But the one I am most interested in, is the fitting on the line that goes into the distribution block before going to the rear brake lines.
You need the actual fitting that will secure the brake line to this block?

Not sure on that one. Is yours messed up? I would say probably a 3/8-24 as well.

Yeah I've head it's either 3/8 or 7/16. The reason I'm trying to figure out is because I'm doing a IRS install on my fox and I need to figure out what size the fitting is so I can buy a tee and plumb the brake lines out to the rear calipers.
Just take the fitting to an O'Reilly or autozone. They will have brake lines with fittings on them you can try out. 7/16 is possible as I believe that's what one of mine are on the flex line block. If you have a set of digital calipers you could measure it.