front brake question?

tims 86

Apr 19, 2009
hello ive got a 86 lx and im currently working on making a good rolling chassis, so far ive got willwood disc four calipers in the rear, my question is , can i still use a set of two piston cobras in the front? any suggestions? ive got 94 spindles on it.also when i get to it im going to pull the engine and get a stroker, right now i have the whole car apart, should i just rip out the old wire harness and replace it w a 88-93?
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You could...but the limiting factor is finding an MC that will work with the 2 piston fronts and 4-piston rears. You'll have to calculate the hydraulic ratio out by posting piston bore sizes.

Or you could just tell me and i'll do it.

Downside to 2-piston cobras is you'll need a 17" wheel to fit. If this is a drag car, look into the 99-04 GT PBR 2-piston calipers. The brakes will fit inside a 15" wheel and offer GOOD braking force. The cobra brakes are more of a road race style brake, the GT brakes will be good for 1 or 2 times in a row...perfect for drag cars.