Front brakes locked up.

So I just did a bunch of work to my 2001 cobra. I had the front calipers taken apart and powder coated. I installed new seals and dust boots from lmr. I Also replaced the pistons. I cleaned and lubed everything and re assembled them. Put the brakes on the car. I noticed when I tightened the banjo bolt it applied some pressure to the caliper. Didnt think anything of it. Went to bleed the brakes. Rear calipers are working fine. Went to do the front and I'm not getting any fluid out of the bleeder screw. Cant turn the rotor at all. Even with a wheel on it. As soon as you loosen the banjo bolt the rotor spins freely. I have no idea what it could be. I suspect the calipers. I didnt tear apart anything else on the brake system. Just dont know what could be wrong with them. It's just a seal and a piston.
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What banjo bolts are you using?

need to be careful that the banjo being used doesn’t go too far into the caliper as it will press the piston in slightly. If this happens, the natural reaction of the rotor spinning and pushing the pad away will block the hole at the end of the banjo.

long story short, your banjo bolts are probably too long.