Fox Front Coilover Spring Weight/size?


At least it is lumpy...
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Jul 30, 2011
Going to order some front coilovers from TeamZ. I have an 86 with stock k member,Strange adj struts,cc plates with a 302/t5. Street/strip full weight car. What size spring rate should i get?
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How about me?

175-225. There'll be 3 different 12" springs to choose from in that range. I am using, (and have used) #175's on the front of my last car, and the current one I'm putting together. They look like they're almost collapsed when there's weight on them, but there will be about a little less than 1/4" or so between each coil. When you add that up between all of the coils in question, there should be about 2-2.5 inches of compression left in the spring at ride height.
A 175# spring is obviously the softest spring you can use, and the ride will be commensurately softer as well. There are guys out there that are using a much heavier rated spring that use the car in autocross/road racing. So be sure you know what you want performance-wise from the spring.
It's all in what you are looking for in the end.

In my case, "the end" I was was more concerned about was the one that sits in the seat.
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