front end noise

about 3 months ago my gt started making a poping noise when i backed up and hit the brakes then it started to make the noise at slow speeds going over bumps and then when i came to a stop the les schwab i took it to said it had to be the left front strut well i replaced all my struts with tokico illuminas and springs (killer set up) and the noise is still there anyone have any ideas on what is making the noise? its driving me nuts i looked at everything this weekend when i had the car apart but it all looks and feels good
thanks to everyone who responded to my last post
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Nov 3, 2000
Riverside, SoCal
I get that from the rack mount bolts...

I just take them out (one at a time) clean them and the holes and reinstall and the noise is gone for a most of a year (I drive 25k a year so it'll probably be a "forever" fix for a lot of people)