FRPP 347 450hp crate engine

Anyone purchased and installed this engine?
I am curious about opinions on performance,streetibility and any other comments.
Looking to install into a 66 fb with a 5 or 6 speed with a 3.73 rear end.
Dyno #'s would be nice as well..
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I've heard horror stories of crate motors. I'm a firm believer that you should either build the motor yourself or get it built locally. I'm sure the number of motors that are built and shipped and have problems are not that high, but if it does happen, its nice to be able to go around the corner and get it fixed. Also, from what i've read, those crate motors don't always come through with the numbers they promise.
FRPP 347 crate?

Almost all engines (crate or otherwise) are rated by FWHP..

According to FRPP their FWHP rating is with a Holley 650 DP through long tube headers.
I spoke with a builder that does warranty work for FRPP and he indicated that
he has seen very few problems with the 347/450hp crate engines and that when tested they produced FWHP #'s as advertised.
Mine should be up and running soon and I was looking for
individuals with first hand experience with this set up.
I've seen plenty of FMS 347 shortblocks with H/C/I on them. I don't know what type of heads the crate motor your looking at has.

The shortblocks are great for NA street cars, but you can't use solid setups in them, it must be roller. So don't go trying to spint it to 7500rpm.

With H/C/I NA (good heads) you can easily make 400+ to the wheels, i've seen 444 to the wheels using Victor heads, and victor EFI intake, NA.
Also another car that went 11.0 with extrude honed canfields. NA.

They just don't like to be sprayed too hard or boosted.
built my 347 locally

my 347 was built by a machine shop about 45 minutes from home. eagle rotating assembly with forged pistons rods and a cast crank. tfs stage 2 cam, and piston to valve clearance was .086".

IT ran strong as hell and I was very impressed with the results. However I have already parted out the top half of the motor so all I have left is the shortblock. I am looking to sell it if anyone is interested in it. I want to put a 302 back in it and use it as a daily driver again. I have decided to not race anymore. It took me 2 years to get my motor done and than before I even had it broke in I changed my mind about racing.

so if anyone wants a good shortblock that has never been raced shoot me an email.

I have heard horror stories about both crate engines and ones that were built locally. I guess sometimes you just have lemons. I have had good experience with doing it yourself so thats what my vote goes too.
I have heard good stuff about chp though. DSS as well.

good luck