Frustrated! No power.

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So I went back through and reset preload on lifters with no noticeable change. I bought a new Edelbrock 1406 and with this, issue is much better. Still not what I would expect. Again, I;ve had 5-6 mustangs with similiar power and ran much better. Most of them heavier cars. I may have found the issue though. If I accelerate hard (or try) I get somewhite smoke from exhaust. May have a head gasket leak? Have not noticed any changes in oil, like antifreeze getting in. But I think this would cause power loss and the smoke? Correct. Guess these second hand heads could be issue. If I tear it down, those suckers are coming off for some aluminum ones. Was able to take to first care show NRMA at Beech Bend in KY. My 9 yo loved it!